Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an integral part of the recovery process by allowing our patients to pass beyond the limits of their injury and return to the activities that they enjoy. We provide interventions to restore function, decrease pain, promote independence, and enhance overall quality of life. Interventions based on the most current evidence, while using the latest technologies, are utilized in conjunction with an individualized exercise plan. We believe that quality patient care requires compassion, respect, clinical excellence, and the facilitation of patient autonomy. Our clinical expertise and passion for quality care for all patients/clients, will define us and will make us the first choice for physical therapy and wellness services.

What’s in a name?

Choosing the right name for our clinic was a major undertaking for us. We needed a name that could both convey our treatment philosophy as well as describe why we both chose our profession (or why this profession chose us)! Transcend means to rise above or go beyond; to pass beyond the limits of; to excel; to surpass.
We chose physical therapy so that we could be integral in people’s lives, to work with them, and to help them achieve their goals. Naturally, after an injury, a person may have a subconscious fear or uncertainty due to their condition and will place limits on what they believe they can achieve. We want to help that person pass beyond their limits so that they will rise above their injury to achieve a meaningful goal; whether it is to be able to walk a block without pain or fear of losing balance or to return to a competitive sport. We chose this profession to battle these transient states of limitation(s) to improve the lives of others.
Furthermore, we needed a name that would describe the actual treatment that each patient that walks through our door will receive. The therapists and staff at Transcend Physical Therapy pride themselves on going above and beyond the usual standard of care to allow our patients to recover quickly. We treat not only the specific body part that is injured, but look at the entire body and person that is experiencing the injury. We can’t wait to work with you!

How we are different

We utilize tried and true methods as well as the latest researched methods for treating our patients. We believe that a patient is best served in a location where they employ clinical excellence and where they are treated by either the same person each visit or a small, highly coordinated team. As therapists, we shudder to hear when patients say “I didn’t want to come to physical therapy because of my other bad experience(s).” At Transcend Physical Therapy we shift that old paradigm and strive to have our patients say that they actually enjoyed coming to physical therapy. We would love for you to stop by for a tour of our facilities and we invite you to come experience the Transcend difference!

About The Owners

Jonathan and Emily Quinton officially met in the physical therapy program at the University of Michigan - Flint in August of 2007. We say "officially met" because a few months prior to PT school a family friend of Emily's mother tried to set them up. He recalls her saying, "I know this really great girl! Her name is Emily, she's home for the summer, and she's going to start PT school at U of M-Flint in August." To which Jonathan replied, "I'm going to U of M-Flint in August for PT..." With a smile she said, "Then you should look her up." By the end of the first semester they were officially dating. During Physical Therapy school, while on the New Faculty Student Interview Committee, they met Dr. James Creps who came in to interview for a faculty position. A bit of foreshadowing occurred during the interview when Jonathan asked, "If you take the position, what will happen to your clinic in Blissfield?"

Emily and Jonathan graduated in 2010, married in 2011, and purchased a home in Ypsilanti shortly after tying the knot. They worked for two different companies and were given much responsibility at their respective clinics. Then, in the summer of 2012, they went to a U of M-Flint Alumni softball game, where discussions with Dr. Creps started in regards to the sale of his clinic. That winter, Sofie Alexandra Quinton was born! Seven months later, the sale was finalized between the Creps and the Quintons. The Quintons moved into Blissfield (happily within walking distance of the clinic) in August of 2014. In July of 2015, their second child, Lyla, was born and in November of 2018 baby boy James joined the family. 

Time has really flown by since then. This was quite a bit about us but is such a fun story to tell. Thank you for reading our story!