Our Health 30 program gives clients access to our fully-equipped gym for a low monthly fee. Clients may utilize our rehabilitation gym during business hours.  We also offer the option to purchase a key fob for 24/7 access, not just during clinical hours, but at any time and during weekends and major holidays! Health 30 is ideal for those individuals wanting to improve their cardiovascular health, lose weight, improve strength, and/or to simply maintain their current level of health. 


  • Monthly membership: $30 (the first month is prorated)
  • Family membership: $70 (two adults and children aged 14-17)
  • Key Fob for 24 hour access, if desired  $20 (one time fee)
  • Physical Assessment including Personal Training session: $50
  • We also participate with Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit. See the information below to see if this is a product/feature included in your health insurance. Key fob access is not part of this program and this option will cost $10 per month, if you choose.   

 Benefits of Health 30

  • Improved strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, cardiovascular health, and well-being
  • Knowledgeable, trained staff members available to assist you during your workout
  • Welcoming environment for people of all ages
  • Fully-equipped rehabilitation gym right in downtown Blissfield!
  • No long-term contract required. You may cancel within five days of the next month to avoid being charged for the following month
  • Automated checking account withdrawal is implemented for convenience

How Do I Get Started? 

Some people are already familiar with exercising and will need little-to-no guidance on any of the equipment. Membership, at that point is pretty easy. We will have a brief orientation to the gym and to explain certain guidelines. After that, you are off to the races!

Some people are unsure of where to even start and will need more assistance to get started. This person may want to opt for a physical assessment with us. This is a scheduled visit costing $50. The initial visit will consist of a physical assessment and personal training session.  One of our highly-trained clinicians will speak with you regarding your fitness goals, current physical level, and medical history.  A thorough physical assessment will be performed to evaluate your current strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance so that we may create a personalized program to address your deficits and goals.  Following your assessment, we will head to the gym to get started orienting you to the various equipment and begin performing your exercise program! Better health awaits you, call to get started today!

Those individuals. who are Medicare-eligible may have a supplemental plan that features a Silver Sneakers or Silver&Fit membership. If you have these, they will pay for your gym membership for use during clinic hours! Prime is a program that some insurance plans feature that is similar. Check with your insurance provider!

Silver Sneakers members will have a card that they scan each time they exercise.  Call the Silver Sneakers hotline to see you if your insurance features this program (888) 423-4632 (TTY:711), Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm.

Silver&Fit is a great program that we participate in. For more information, visit their website at silverandfit.com. Or to check eligibility, go Here

Prime Fitness plans are features of some of our client's insurance programs whom are not yet Medicare eligible (eg. BCBS). Check with your insurance provider and visit primemember.com.